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Math Olympiad


Argonaut Math Olympiad is a PTA sponsored program available to 4th and 5th grade students. The program is affiliated with Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle School ( Students attend Math Olympiad coaching sessions at Argonaut outside of school hours for preparation of 5 national contests administered monthly from November to March. Each contest consists of five non-routine problems and every problem requires careful mathematical thinking. Awards are given to 4th and 5th grade teams and individuals ("mathletes") based on performance as compared to the other 70000 participants on 4000 teams world-wide. There is a fee associated with this program.

Primary Goals for Students

To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for mathematics

To strengthen Mathematical knowledge and intuition

To provide for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges

Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities

In order for this program to be successful, there must be a high-level of parent participation and commitment for all sessions.

Coach (2-4 per team)

Using the class white board or projector, give no more than 20-40 minute presentation to entire team on the topic of the session.
The Presenter role may rotate between 2 to 4 different coaches within the team. A co-coach assists in the room as needed.
Encourage mathletes' presentation of their problem solving strategies, in order to compare/contrast different approaches and learn from common practices or pitfalls.
Administer the 5 Math Olympiad contests.
Coaches are required to meet the LGS Recreation Department tuberculosis and Live Scan fingerprinting requirements. 

Team Manager (1)

Coordinate parent volunteers.
Communicate with parents for your team. 

Copy Parent (2)

Make double-sided paper copies of handouts each session as requested in advance by Coaches, using the Argonaut school copier.

 Party Coordinator (1-2)

Plan and coordinate with the other teams' party coordinators the end-of-season party. 

Contest Monitor and Grader (2)

Help set-up the cardboard partitions/dividers prior to the start of a contest.
Monitor all five Math Olympiad contests.
Ensure each contest paper has the mathlete's name on the answer side.
Grade contests and help Math Olympiad Coordinator record the scores. 

Class Monitor and Homework Grader (2 per class date)

Manage parent sign-in and sign-out on the attendance sheet.
Grade homework and/or practice contests collected during the session.
Monitor classroom for safety and that mathletes are following team rules.
Take mathletes to the bathroom, in pairs or with another monitor.
At end of session, ensure that 2 coaches or 1 coach and 1 monitor are there until all mathletes have been picked up. 

To get more information about Argonaut Math Olympiad, contact the PTA chairperson for Math Olympiad. More information may also be found at the Argonaut Math Olympiad website.