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Traffic Safety


Student safety is our prime concern. Please only use approved pick up and drop off zones when transporting your student to and from school. Students dropped off on side streets or Charters Avenue pose a risk to themselves and others. Please drive slowly on and near the school campus and follow the guidelines on the school traffic map below. Your continued cooperation ensures a safe environment for all.


» NO PHONE ZONE! For the safety of our students, do not use cellphones as you drive near the school.

» Do the "right" thing. No left turns into or out of the parking lots.

» Use the designated loop (Kinders in front of MPR, grades 1-5 in front of office)

» Do not drop off children on side streets or at the cross walks.

» Avoid parking along Glasgow and Chateau as it is unsafe for our walkers and bicycle riders to go around parked cars into the traffic path.

» Do not drop off or pick up students at Charters Avenue. This back entrance is for walkers and bicyclists only!

» When walking though the parking lot, use the crosswalks. Set a good example for our children.

Argonaut Traffic Flow and Parking Information Map